Cabinets refinish and paint for Las Vegas homes

No small jobs just small prices

Refacing Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets for Las Vegas area homes, remove old paint, prime and apply new paint to make your old kitchen and bathroom cabinets look like new and save you money in the process too. Fast and clean job; improve the look and feel in the house by replacing the old cabinet colors, at your Las Vegas home, to create a more modern house environment. Competitive prices for Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets refinishing and painting, done by Clark County residents accompanied by friendly working environment. A skillful crew of painters will convert your house to your home and make your stressful project into a pleasant experience.

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Cabinets refinish for Las Vegas homes

Instructions for cabinets refinish and paint:

  • Empty all cabinets from items
  • Number all cabinet doors and drawers before removing
  • Remove all handles from doors and drawers
  • Remove all doors and drawers
  • Sand and stain or paint cabinets with the desired color and let it dry
  • Sand and stain or paint all doors and drawers with the desired color and let it dry
  • Install all cabinet’s doors and drawers, by their numbers, into their original location
  • Install all new or old handles into the doors and drawers

Toll Free: 877-207-8885

Other services:

    Providing quality home painting to the Clark County area for many years. Any residential  projects; equipped with the proper expertise and equipment to tackle any job big or small.
    Replacing Acoustic ceiling with textured paint. Fast and clean job; improve the look and feel in the house by replacing the old Popcorn ceiling to create a modern house environment.
    As part of our service and included in the price, our company will replace your old Baseboard with a new 3.5 inch wood baseboard, to give a complete modern look to your home.
    Add elegance and modern looks to your Las Vegas house by installing crown molding to the ceiling and to the kitchen cabinet tops. Install new or replace your old crown moldings, to give a complete contemporary look to your home without the big expense.
    An exterior painting of your Las Vegas house will fight the dry weather damage and extend the life of your siding or trim. Increase your home value with professional painters performing a quick and thorough exterior paint job.