Complete exterior painting for Las Vegas homes

No small jobs just small prices

An exterior painting of your Las Vegas house will fight the dry weather damage and extend the life of your siding or trim. Increase your home value with professional painters performing a quick and thorough exterior paint job. Providing quality home painting at affordable prices to the Clark County area for many years. Any Las Vegas residential  painting projects – small or large; Equipped with the proper expertise and equipment to tackle any exterior painting project. Competitive prices on Las Vegas home painting done by Clark County residents accompanied by friendly working environment. A skillful crew of painters will convert your house to your home and make your stressful project into a pleasant experience.

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Exterior painting in Las Vegas

Complete outdoor house painting:

Listed is the general approach we’ll take to insure quality exterior house painting for a Las Vegas home painting project.

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House preparation for Exterior painting

Remove all accessories from windows or doors and anything from the exterior part of the house. Protect windows and doors from paint drips by taping plastic covers. Build scaffolds where necessary.

Touch-up and seal before painting

Holes and cracks on the stucco are covered with a sealer; Roof fascia paint is removed and wood is sealed. The entire outside of the house is scraped and sanded.

Painting the exterior of a house

  • Primer is applied to the walls and Fascia.
  • Texture is applied to the stucco as needed.
  • The exterior walls are spray painted with multiple codes of premium paint.
  • The Fascia is hand painted with water resistant paint.
  • Accessories are hand painted with premium paint and reconnected in their place.
  • Doors and windows are hand painted with premium quality paint.

Quality control inspection

After the paint is all dried up, an inspection is done for touch up or paint discoloration. Any problem is fixed for a complete customer satisfaction.

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Stucco touch-up and maintenance

New or existing stucco maintenance done with the finest repair materials by skilled workers. Restore texture and paint stucco to improve your home look and increase house value.

Wood Fascia installation and painting

Remove peeling paint from existing wood trim (Fascia), install new wood, repair cracked wood,  and repaint to make your house look great. Affordable prices and professional painters will perform a clean and quick job.

Gutter installation and painting

Discolored, disconnected gutters can reduce a value of a house. The deterioration of the gutter can cause leaks and corrosion stains on the exterior stucco. Maintaining the gutter clean and in place will save in the long run and improve house value.

Indoor painting

  • Complete home painting
  • Remove popcorn ceiling
  • Replace baseboard
  • Cabinets refinish and paint
  • Replace acoustic (popcorn) ceiling