Grasses, shrub, and trees used to design your Las Vegas Yard

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Short grasses, sagebrush, and cactus are just a few of the plants used to design the desert landscape. Plant abundance and variety are determined by the location of the yard. Although short grasses and shrub can be found in nearly all yard locations, season, temperature and irrigation systems may affect the development of the plants. Because of the dry climate, it is important to use a number of different methods of irrigation. Most grassy lawns use sprinkler or spray watering system, most other plants and trees will use drip systems for more effective and direct watering.

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As a landscape designer for Las Vegas homes, our company offers a comprehensive list of services that include desert landscape design, rock and stone landscape installation, planting & irrigation systems installation. Anything in your Las Vegas yard from desert landscape and rock style to pool & spa landscape, planters and flowers. Your  Las Vegas outdoor living space, regardless of size, can be your private resort. All jobs are done on time & with your budget in mind.

Grass and shrub yard

Complete residential home landscape design and plant:

For the desert landscape designer, rocks and stones are the tools of the trade. The colorful rocks add the beauty and texture to the design of the yard.

Typical yard sprinklers are designed to water lawns but drip irrigation is better for the other plants in your yard.

Cactus plants and desert flowers can add  color and character to your Las Vegas yard landscape arrangements.