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A house plumbing system is constructed of two separate systems. A system that brings freshwater into the house and the other system which takes used water out of the house. The incoming water into your home is under pressure to allow it to travel around the house as needed. The freshwater is supplied by the city and it passes through a meter that records the amount used. In a case of plumbing emergency it is necessary to shut the water supply into the house by quickly close the main water shutoff valve (typically located close to the meter). The used water is not under pressure and relies on gravity to exit the house into the city sewer system.

It is essential for the house water systems to work correctly that a routine maintenance work is performed on the system by a professional plumber. The plumber check for leaks, unplug any debris that collect in the pipes and check the water pleasure in the system to insure good flow in the entire house. It is also required to use a professional plumber in any work performed on the house gas system.

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