Las Vegas bathroom renovation and remodeling

No small jobs just small prices

Las Vegas premier residential home remodeling company provides affordable upgrade to your bathroom bringing a fresh and colorful look to it. Complete professional bathroom remodeling done by Clark County residents accompanied with a friendly working environment. A remodeling skillful crew will convert your bathrooms and make your stressful project into a pleasant experience.

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Bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodeling in Las Vegas homes:

Remove and install all floor and wall cover, replace all fixtures and paint for a complete remodel of your bathrooms. Better value and a fresh modern look to the home; satisfaction guaranteed.

Remove and replace old shower heads, toilets, tubs or cabinets with new modern fixtures. Affordable renovation to improve the look and feel of your bathrooms.

Remove and re-tile your bathroom floors and walls, change toilets and tubs, replace bathroom cabinets. The most affordable and most effective upgrade to a house.

Fix water leaks to save on your water bill, replace old toilets with newer modern style, replace wax rings to prevent leaks.